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Presentations:  Overview

       Dr. Barrios’ presentations can vary in length from one to two hours to half day to full day.  In all his presentations, no matter what the specific topic or goal, he will present the essentials of his Self-Programmed Control (SPC) program and then focus on how to apply the program towards achieving a specific goal.

       The first part of the SPC program introduces a set of highly effective techniques (the SPC techniques) for facilitating change or re-programming.  The basic problem with most attempts at self-improvement is that it is very hard to change established behavior patterns.  “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a basic truism with most people.  This is why the best-intentioned efforts at losing weight, stopping smoking, turning over a new leaf, developing a more positive attitude, etc., etc., usually fail.  It is just simply not easy for most people to change.  This is why this part of the SPC program can be so helpful no matter what the particular goal happens to be.

      The second part of the program is referred to as the positive direction component.  It presents various specific behaviors (attitudes, beliefs and habits) for achieving a wide variety of positive goals leading to greater health, success or happiness.  To have a powerful tool for change is one thing but not having any good idea of what changes to make leaves one “spinning his wheels” so to speak.  Depending on the particular topic or goal, the relevant part of this positive direction component is presented.  For example, if Stress Management is the goal, a multifaceted approach is presented.  This would include specific relaxation techniques reinforced by the Stress Control Biofeedback Card (everyone in the audience would receive a card), a set of positive mental attitudes to help roll with the punches including ways of raising one’s self image, and the techniques for self-programming in all this new positive behavior so that it quickly becomes second nature.

      Dr. Barrios can also combine any number of different topics of interest into one presentation.  For instance when addressing audiences interested in stress management, he can also readily intertwine the SPC approach to combating substance abuse, controlling weight, and breaking the cigarette habit.  If requested, he can also include the overall holistic approach to greater health - including the psychoneuroimmunological approach to fighting cancer (one of his many areas of expertise), etc., etc.

      Since his area of expertise is The Power of the Word, Dr. Barrios literally mesmerizes his audience.  Thanks to the immediate positive feedback of the SPC techniques, the immediate visible proof of the power of thoughts which he quickly has the audience experience, a heightened state of belief is soon created.  Belief in what?  Belief in the now very real possibility that you will be able to tap into the power of your mind (the power of thoughts) and thus have greater control over your own destiny.

      To give you some idea of the power of the SPC techniques to instill this heightened state of belief, think of how effective Anthony Robbins has been when demonstrating the power of the mind with his “walking on hot coals” technique.  People are amazed to find that they have indeed been able to walk on the coals without feeling pain and this definitely opens their eyes to the power of their minds.  The advantage of the SPC techniques is that they accomplish the same goal but in a much faster, less messy and less dangerous way.  They, too, provide immediate proof of the power of the mind, the power of thought to produce immediate effect.

      For instance, in the case of the Arms technique, the audience is amazed when they open their eyes to find that one arm is so much higher than the other (Dr. Barrios has them focus on the thought of one arm being lifted by a huge helium filled balloon while the other arm is weighted down by a heavy bucket of water.)  In the case of the Magic Pendulum technique they cannot believe their eyes when the pendulum they are holding (a paper clip on a string) automatically starts to move in the left-right direction when they start thinking left-right, and then immediately changes to a circular movement when they next start thinking circle.  And finally there is the piece-de-resistance - the Concentration Spiral.  The audience is literally left gasping in amazement when they see before their very eyes the object they are focusing on become magnified as a result of the concentrating effect of the Concentration Spiral (a plant is usually used for a most dramatic effect - with the plant actually appearing to grow larger.)

      You can talk till you are blue in the face about the Power of Positive Thinking, the power of thought to give you greater control over your destiny and you still won’t be able to get through to a good percentage of people.  But with one such simple demonstration a light suddenly comes on and they can immediately see and believe that what you are saying is true.

      Another advantageous feature of Dr. Barrios’ presentation is that he presents everything in a sound, logical and rational way.  There are no mystical, metaphysical types of explanations given for the phenomena of the mind.  Everything is presented so as to also appeal to the logically, scientifically oriented individual.  Concepts which have never been fully understood by most people - the Mind, Free Will, Belief, Faith Healing, Hypnosis, the Power of Thought, the Self-Fullfilling Prophecy, etc. can now be seen and understood in a much clearer light.
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