The Arthur Agee Jr. Role Model Non-Profit Foundation presents…..
Create Animated Cartoon Against Bullying in your class!
"Students Against Bullying".... Life Skills Workshop
Great for classrooms, groups, clubs and camps. Grades 2-12

The Students Against Bullying Workshop teaches students to deal with bully conflict.   After the 30-60 minute workshop learning how to handle bullies, the students will then create a fully animated cartoon about what they have learned. The bully Workshop has three parts and may be done in one or two sessions
Part I - The  Bully Course & Role Playing  Defense
Discussion of ;The Red Bag , The Apple,, The Watcher, The Victim, and The Bully.

Part II -Create A Bully Cartoon
Students will be placed on teams. Each team will contribute to creating a cartoon based on what was discussed in Part I. Create a Bully Cartoon Teams  consist of;

The Story Writing Team, The Graphics & Picture Team, Sound Effects Team, Voice Narration Team, Music & Singing Team and the Bully Committee.

Students create a 2-3 minute cartoon of their view of bullying. They will create a cartoon of the problems and solutions covered in the Create A Cartoon Against Bullying Workshop. The cartoons are called “MIND-MOVIE’S” because they represent what the student thinks and feels about topics discussed in the workshop.

Part III -  Watch the Cartoon

Discussion and written reports from each student  using the follow up format from The Foundation. Students will watch the cartoon they created with parents, friend, class and the write a report of what they thought.

They will also do interviews with other classmates.

A surprise appearance by Arthur Agee at the end of the session helps bring focus to the sessions and workshop

All participants receive the following;  AAJRMF Bully Certificate, an autographed poster, a Foundation T-Shirt, The Red Bag Book, Bully Card,  AAJRMF Bully Bracelet and the school receives an autographed copy of  The Red Bag & Hoop Dreams movie. Each student will get a copy of the cartoon in a Red Bag.

A cartoon created “by kids ...for kids... about kids” will stay with them because they created it and will always have it. The cartoon represents what they have learned in the Create A Cartoon Against Bullying Life Skills  Workshop session with each class.

This  program is best  presented to each class and each grade in the school

The purpose of this AAJ Role Model foundation is to build life skills to handle bullying and understands the interactive roles of the; The Watcher, The Victim and The Bully. This bully program builds confidence, self-esteem and discussion while dealing with important issues.

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We tailor our programs for any age group ranging from 7 years old and up to 17 and grades 1- 12. This bullying program may be  purchased as a Kit or Live on-Site Presentation.

The  Anti-Bully Cartoon Workshop is available for Teachers and Parents

$400 per grade session / plus materials.
Arthur Agee star of  the Hoop Dreams movie helps children overcome bullying, teasing and life challenges.

Anti-Bully Workshop
Create a Cartoon  Against Bullys
about bullying with the students.

No one knows more about
being bullied than Arthur Agee.

He learned to overcome challenges, adversity, bullying, teasing, gangs,, education and still lived his dream
Role Model
Create A Cartoon  Against Bullying Workshop
at your school
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The best approach to teaching children about bullying".... Dr. Teresa VanDiver PhD
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