Bully Programs & Create-A- Cartoon  & Create A Book
$450* each class /session /grade
Live remote two-way video $300 instead of live on site

All School Program and 5 break out sessions $2500
Live two-way video $1500 instead on live on site

Hoop Dreams Curriculum-$2500
Live two-way video $1500 instead of live on site)

Full Court Press for Homework Workshop $550
Great for at risk students all grades

Drop Out Prevention with Bio-feedback Program $2500 Full Assembly

Student alcohol and Drug Prevention Program with bio-feedback / $2500
Pricing and fee's
Live Onsite Workshops
presented by The Foundation

Bully Kit  $400* each class /session /grade. Materials and workbook to create your own workshop using the Foundation Guidelines.

Create - A Cartoon Kit $350 ( for 1-3 Cartoons)
Create A Book kit ($300 plus $19.95 per student)

Arthur Agee Remote Video live $300

The Red Bag $19.95

Against Bullying wrist bands

These bands are available for sale to your organization or school.
Order online
10 pack - 30.00 (3.00 each)
50 pack- 125.00 (2.50 each)
200 pack - 400.00 (2.00 each)
500 pack - 750.00 (1.50 each)
Life Skills - Workshops Kits
Full School Assembly and Small Groups $2500*

Arthur combines humor, pop culture references and her naturally laid back style with powerful true stories, personal experiences and inspiration for each student to take action in their every day lives, understand the power of their words and take responsibility for what they think do and say in their home, their school and their community. Arthur challenges students with 5 Day Hoop Dreams B.Y.E. / Between Your Ears, and inspires them to lead the way to a more positive school environment.

Student Leaders Workshop - $400*
( minimum 4 sessions same day, same location)
In this workshop, student leaders learn how to create effective anti-bullying events and activities, increase school spirit and unity, reach out to targeted students, and work alongside teachers and faculty to keep the motivation going.

Boys Only Workshop (Hoop Dream Curriculum) $350
( minimum 4 sessions same day, same location)
The Foundation leads boys in an honest and open discussion on  culture, pressures, expectations, self esteem, relational aggression, mean boys, cliques, and the unique ways in which boys bully, and provides boys with the tools they need to communicate effectively, build solid friendships, manage conflict, create boundaries and boost self esteem, body image and self respect.

Parent & Educator Evening Presentation $2500*

* plus travel expense for travel and lodging
Each Assembly and Workshop presented by the Foundation includes

Each workshop or group session is 60-90 minute workshop, materials and handouts. Each workshop bridges the gap between teens and the important adults in their lives, with a specific focus on bullying and Controlling Your destiny.

Topics covered include:

The basics of bullying: understanding the different kinds of bullying (relational, physical, verbal)
How to spot the bully and the bullied: the signs
What YOU as adults can do to foster the caring, compassion and leadership skills necessary to end bullying
How to positively affect your teen's behavior and lead by example
Helping Teens break the cycle of bullying
A crash course in Cyber Bullying
Tips, strategies and tools to stop bullying and transform the negative roles into positive ones, enable and encourage the bystanders and empower the targets.

Role Model