1. 157,000 + senior basketball players graduate each year and only 1,775 of them will get scholarships!

2. Only 1.5% of high school graduates will get into a division 1 college!

3. Only 0.03% of high school basketball players will one day play in the N.B.A.!

4. Only 1.2% of college players will be drafted by the N.B.A each year!

5. 1% of college players will make it into the N.B.A.!

6. If you are a top 100 player-athlete you are 1 in 3 to make it!

How are you going to separate yourself from the rest?
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"Hoop Dreams isn't mainly about sport, or even about life and death in the inner city. It's about families hanging tough on nerve and prayer. It's about what passes for the American Dream to people whose daily lives are closer to nightmares than dreams." Time (v. 144, p. 76: October 24, 1994), "Hoop Dreams."
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