Over coming Challenges, Bullys of all Ages and Inspirational Motivation with Arthur Agee
Speaking Engagements
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Arthur speaks at schools, events, conventions, corporations and other organizations. Arthur also presents series of Life Skills workshops and the Movie Hoops Dreams for students, teachers and parents.

Booking a speaker for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. For that reason, The Foundation has compiled the following information that may be of interest to you.

Speaker Fees - $1500 $3500 plus expense
Arthur Agee as your keynote speaker for you revent fee generally covers one 30-90 minute presentation. Fees are always subject to change and may vary based upon the length of presentation desired or the location of your event.

For that reason, please speak with the foundation agent before making  plans. The Life Skills Workshops, Hoop Dreams Curriculum  are priced individually,

Additional Expenses*
In addition to appearance fee's, you will also be responsible for all of the speaker's expenses necessitated by his or her appearance at your event (except in cases where the speaker has a travel-inclusive fee). Specifically, additional expenses may include:

Ground Transportation (Limousine, taxi, or rental car - to/from departure airport and to/from arrival airport)
Meals and Incidental Expenses
Audio-Visual Equipment (slide projector, projection screen, wireless lavaliere microphone, etc.)
Audio and Video Taping of Appearances

Depending on the use of the recording,  A  surcharge may be involved If you plan to capture your speaker's presentation on audio or video, written permission  and intended purpose and usage must be obtained prior to the event.

Contracting the Engagement
It is important to clearly outline the activities in which you wish one of the Foundation speaker to participate in the original contract.

For example, if you contract a speaker to deliver only a keynote address, the contract fee is for this service only. Requesting an autograph session or participation in a VIP reception after the contract has been signed may result in additional fees.

Payment Terms
A non-refundable deposit is collected at the time a speaker is booked for the event. This deposit guarantees the date will be reserved for you on the speaker's calendar. In the event of a cancellation by your organization, the deposit will be forfeited. If a cancellation occurs within 60 days of the event date, the entire fee and any already-incurred travel/preparation expenses will be due.

How much time will the speaker spend with our organization?

AAF will work with  you to development of a proposed schedule of events so that everyone involved in ensuring the success of your event is working from the same script

nce we decide we wish to have Arthur Agee how do we proceed?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question by our clients. The process is straight forward, consisting of the following basic steps..

The Call...Complete the form and we will contact you.

The Event Questionnaire...

The Offer

The Confirmation...

The Contract...

The Event Advance Sheet...
Arthur Agee with President Bill Clinton
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