These Motivational Seminars for Students  grades 3-12
All programs are inspirational,and educational.
Programs for Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Teachers and Parents
Hoop Dream Life Skills Work Shops: - Bullying - Confidence - Control Your Destiny - Between Your ears

What:       Bully Life Skills Programs on Bully Prevention , harassment and social challenges (Kit & Onsite)
Where:     Your school, club or event; All School Assemblies or small class room size groups
Why:        Because th
is the most engaging Bully program about Bullying Who: Students, teachers and parents
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Facts n' Stats

Almost 30% of youth are involved in bullying
160,000 students miss school every day in the US alone due to bullying
60% of bullies in grades 6-9 had at least criminal conviction by age 24
71% of students say bullying is a problem at their school
1 out of 20 students report having seen a classmate with a gun at school
The only way to end bullying is by having a school wide commitment to do so

Arthur ís  All school assemblies are designed to be  engaging, effective retention, fun, interesting, educational and age specific.
We motivate them to use and develop Life Skills. The most important tool children have is; Between You Ears / B.Y.E..
To  Control Your Own Destiny / C.Y.O.D. children must be motivated and have  life tools to over come challenges.
Helping everyone respect others, turns students into everyday heroes.

Kids learn that donít need to be a Super Hero to help people others.

Arthur  will identify the four basic types of bullying for students and take them on an emotional journey "from victim to victory" that will enable students the opportunity to walk in his shoes who,a target of bullying was able to turn from hate to hope.

He will show clips from the movie Hoop Dreams and The foundations Animations.

Using character based principles of courage, self confidence building,and teamwork, students will learn through powerful stories and examples, how they can stop bullying and help kids who are being targeted.

This assembly is  thirty minutes to one hour in length.Assemblies for elementary, middle and high schools are available and differ according to the age group. Using language and stories that are age appropriate keep students mentally focused on the topics of  B.Y.E. and C.Y. O. D.
Role Model
Each student receives a Bully Buster and Bad Habit Bio-feedback card