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2016- A Time for Truth /The year  2016 will be
a pivotal year for the World. Dr. E. Gaylon's new
book  reveals the facts about America's future  if
the American people don't wake up.  What
direction will this couintry take when the next
president takes office?

2016 Logically the important issues that must
be logically connected:
· Will America’s next President continue to
drive us further from our constitutional
· Will you participant or stand by and watch
in re-founding America?
· Will America move closer to a World Order
Government and continue Obama’s
socialistic progressive agenda?
· Can the U.S. healthcare system be restored?
· Will Hillary Clinton continue Obama leaves
off and push the world ever closer to the
kind of plantation/Big Brother society
described in George Orwell’s 1984 ?
· Will the American people wake and demand
truth and accountability from its officials?
· Will there be a grassroots revolution to
return the U.S. to the conservative values
upon which the founding fathers relied to
create the world’s bastion of freedom and
· Will God be reinstated at the center of
America’s culture?
2016 - A Time for Truth
Dr E. Gaylon McCollough- - NEW Feb.2014
Chris McKnight
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