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How many pages will my book have when it is finished?
The final page count for your book will be dependent upon everything from your chosen trim size, the design we create for your book, the numbers of chapters in your book, the amount of figures and even the number of paragraphs.

Each and every book is unique - and we custom design each and every book. This means we can help achieve a specific page count (within reason) by using a variety of book design techniques.

We've included our AVERAGE characters-per-page counts for various trim sizes, based upon the total character count of a manuscript (including spaces.) This information can be found in MS Word under TOOLS / WORD COUNT - then look for "Characters- with spaces." To figure out your approximate page count (this is only a very rough guess) you would divide your total character count by the per-page-character-count of the trim size listed below.

5 X 8 trim - 1,400 characters per page
5.5 X 8.5 - 1,800 characters per page
6 X 9 - 2,100 characters per page
6.14 X 9.21 - 2,400 characters per page
7.44 X 9.69 - 2,800 characters per page