The Winners Plan includes everything from basic publishing services to advanced promotional tools to help you create a powerful online presence. Through popular search engines and online media outlets, you will conveniently network with the millions of people who rely on the Internet for communication and instant information. Tools such as the Social Media Setup and Web site Setup will help you make it easy for interested readers to access your book information with just a click of a button.

Trade Paperback Binding
One-on-One Author Support
Book Design & Interior Page Layout
Custom Cover
ISBN Assignment
Cover Copy Polish
Copyright Registration
Google and Amazon Search Programs
One Round of Proof Corrections
Distribution Wholesalers
Worldwide Distribution through Barnes &, and other online retailers
Personal Web Page in the Trafford Online Bookstore
40 Free Paperback Copies
Library of Congress Control Number
Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book
Volume Discounts on Author Book Purchases
Book Marketing Kit
Booksellers Return Program
Book Buyers Preview
Multiple Book E-mail Campaign (2 Million Recipients)
Social Media Setup
Web Site Setup
Standard Publicity
The Winners Book Publishing Plan $8500 now add the book sales and marketing plan to the publishing plan.
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