Your Cover is a Bill Board..
The cover is the first opportunity you have to connect with potential readers. That's why at NXTGen we make sure that your cover will meet the professional standards for commercially successful books. After all, when a book is sitting on the shelf, potential readers don't look to see how a book is published. They only know whether the cover image draws their attention or the back cover copy makes them to want to read more. These elements make a great cover, and that is why we pay attention to these details when we are publishing your book.

Professional Art Direction
Drawing from years of publishing experience, our professional cover designers can enhance your book with art direction that will set your book apart.

Cover Revisions (Text)
Text changes range from replacing a few words, correcting punctuation, adding additional quotes and other information, to completely replacing sections of cover text.

Cover Revisions (Image/Design)
Changes to imagery and design elements on the cover layout that are not text changes can be completed through this service.
Custom Cover Design

Your cover needs to be as unique as your manuscript.  At NXTGen, our professional design team will help you create a custom cover for your book. DO NOT LEAVCE your cover design to your friends that have ideas about what your cover should look like. Leave it to the Pro's.
All books published via the NXTGen standard publishing packages receive custom-designed covers, produced in full color. Unlike most self-publishing companies, NXTGen does not use basic template designs for books that will be distributed in the channel. Nor do we charge extra for custom-designed covers.
When you publish a book with NXTGen, our design team will work with you incorporating your photos, graphics, sketches and ideas to create a unique book cover that exceeds your expectations and beautifully represents your book's contents.

Cover Design Guidelines
Front Cover
When we design the book's front cover, we will include the book's title, subtitle (if any), author name(s), and any additional marketing copy (if applicable), along with all graphics needed to create the cover artwork. If you have ideas and sample graphics or even complete cover designs that you would like our design team to use or incorporate, please include these with your submission. Cover graphics that you submit to us must meet the following requirements:

TIFF (.tif) file format
CMYK colorspace
300-dpi resolution

Match the dimension of the final trim size, plus an 1/8" bleed on the top, right and bottom sides (i.e., a cover for a 6" x 9" book would need to be submitted at 6.125" x 9.25")

Copyright permission from the creator (artist, photographer, etc.) to use the work on your book cover

Sample graphics and other illustrations that will only be used as ideas or guidelines for the design team can be submitted in any format.

Back Cover
When your book cover is created, you may choose up to four of the following items for inclusion on the back cover:
Author bio (no more than 50 words) *
Marketing copy (no more than 200 words) *
One to four published reviews (no more than 50 words each, including the credit) A photo of the author. If submitted, it must meet the following requirements:
TIFF (.tif) or JPEG (.jpg) format
CMYK colorspace
300-dpi resolution 600 x 600 pixels (if JPEG)
2" x 2" printed size
Cover Design