Ghost Writer Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a ghostwriter?

In brief, a ghostwriter is a professional writer who composes text on behalf of other people without taking credit for it. Often ghostwriters work for a fixed fee, and do not share in the profits of the works.

2) How do I work with a ghostwriter?

The client provides the ghostwriter  discuss your project in detail and draft an outline. A GW can also work with detailed notes handwritten, word processor, or audio form which the ghostwriter uses to furnish the needed text. You give us the content; we give you the form.

3) Do ghostwriters get listed and credited?

Professional ghostwriters do not the content is yours; unless you request the GW to be listed as the editor. Substance is everything. On some occasion, as you see in bookstores, ghostwriters do *share* credit with authors. Authors are also known to include ghostwriters as editors; GW can also remain anonymous depending on the clients requirement

4) What if I don't like the work you do?

This is a very common concern, because the work we do is subject to each client's taste, judgment, and opinions. We work to ensure success in two ways: (a) Prior to writing a single word of any project, we communicate with you about your desired tone, style, and wording, and (b) when possible, we show you a sampling of the work product before it is completely drafted, so we know we're headed in the right direction. In general, strong communication is the key to ensuring customer satisfaction, and our company's satisfaction rate is very high. Moreover, in rare occurrences when a draft does not work for a client, editing can produce the desired result.

5) I've never worked with a ghostwriter before; can you walk me through each step?

Some of our clients have never written a book before, and we're happy to keep the process grounded, accessible, and understandable. Moreover, writing projects can be emotional, and your comfort is of the utmost importance to us.

6) How do I know the work won't be plagiarized?

As much as we value words, the "p-word" makes us shake our heads. Accordingly, when needed, we employ a powerful computer program to scan our work products for plagiarism. Since we are well aware of the serious consequences of plagiarism, our document scanning is done as a precaution, not as a necessity. In the event that our system identifies plagiarism, all offending material is deleted, replaced, or properly referenced prior to delivery. We only write original work.

7) My book/screenplay idea is really hot. Will you waive your fee and participate in the back-end?

No. This reply is not a judgment of any client's concept, but a reflection of our business model:

8) Will you assist me in getting my completed project out to the marketplace?

Yes, see the book marketing section.

9) How will my project be delivered to me?

Via email, in .doc and/or PDF format.

10) Do you ever refuse any projects?

Yes. We do not work on (1) homework assignments, (2) medical ghost writing projects, (3) material that is hateful, amoral, or degrading, (4) projects in which the client has no notes, concrete ideas, or content, and (5) projects where the client desires to rewrite preexisting published content in which  intellectual property rights are copyrighted.
Ghost Writing FAQ
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