NXTGen Interactive Reading Formats
The Future of  Reading.
Digital Format and Print books. Printing the book is the easy part!

So whether you are writing a romance novel, historical fiction, mystery, action and suspense, poetry, children’s or any other genre, we can help you get published. We published our first book in 1980 and it became a best seller. The Apple Computer and them the IBM Book and 22 other titles since. We have have been servicing the industry every since.

With many technology changes in printing and publishing the benefits are to the new author as well as the seasoned publisher  with  our on-demand publishing services. Forbes magazine once Jerry Van Diver to us as the "little guy in Minnesota that out did the giant McGraw-Hill in New York."  Click here for a list of Titles and ISBN numbers.

Print-on-Demand is an industry term for printing short runs of 20 copies to 500 books each print run. Publishing-on-Demand has brought the economies of scale to bring many new authors to market. It is the best way to manage your budget and not spend $25,000 to print 10,000 books in order to get a good printing price. As the author of some of the first books about computers I have seen a huge growth in digital technology. . We are here to assist you from concept to completion and all the steps between. If this is your first book.. the learning curve can be confusing when you listen to all the "noise" being touted as writing and publishing advice services.. The only best way to publish is to work with someone that cares about you, your project and works to a successful completion of the goal.

We can edit, write or assist you in writing and communicating your story then publish a professional book. We bring your ideas to reality.. If you have an idea for a children’s book, cookbook, your life story, novel, legacy, how to book or other ideas NXTGen can assist in all aspects. We can print in color from 1-500 copies at a time or as needed and as orders are placed.

With 25 years combined publishing experience we can help get your ideas, story into book form complete with pictures, illustrations, cover design, printing and work to get it into the distribution chain and stores or other resellers..