Your book deserves more than a "fast-food" book mill approach-one-size fits all publishing!
NXTGen combines the best of traditional and self publishing into one SMARTPUB solution. From concept, writing, editing, printing, positioning, royalties, production, sales, distribution,  marketing, and promotion NXTGen is with you every step! Contact NXTGen SMARTPUB.
why NXTGen is different.
Learn 5 of the biggest mistakes new authors make and how to avoid them!
Learn what  the self-publishing "book-mills" won't tell you!
Schedule Your Book Publishing & Marketing Strategy Session Now! No obligation
The strategy session will help you to answer questions about printing, binding, ISBN's, radio interviews, positioning, sales, marketing, distribution, digital formats, cover design and more.
Even if we don't work together you owe it to yourself to hear about what the others won't tell you!
What makes NXTGen Different and why SMARTPUB works!
NXTGen will submit and promote the book to book store buyers at major chain and independent bookstores and distributors. There is no guarantee that all bookstores will stock your book, just as there's no guarantee that marketing efforts will automatically lead to book sales to consumers. The public - not your friends - must like and purchase your book- and that's the bottom line if your interested in book distribution. There are many additional ways to sell books. Self-published books are great for people who want to do all the markeitng and sales themselves. Book stores rarely stock selfpublished books. NXTGen allows for book returns & stock balancing. This is a requirement for brick and mortar bookstore distribution. Authors can select their royalty plan.
NXTGen is NOT a ...
"one size fits all" self-publisher. We only accept manuscripts that have focus, meaning and purpose to the topic.
NXTGen books  have a focused meaning, purpose and connect with readers.
NXTGen author-based  publishing is a hybrid publishing model that bridges the void between self-publishing and traditional publishing.
SMARTPUB provides.....
Hands on working relationships at every stage, from concept to completion.
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Books with meaning and purpose...
Educational Publishing:  Interactive  textbooks & self-instructional books
Professional Publishing:
Self help,
Scholarly books and journals, print and digital
Trade Books for Consumer:  Children's Books with Meaning and Purpose,
You need a publishing partner that cares about your book! Not just a self-publishing printer to be successful! Tell us about your book! We are confident that after talking with us you will want NXTGen as your SmarterPub Partner.   We offer two publishing programs for new authors.
Let's talk... And see if there is a fit for your book!
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Interactive Multi-Media Rich Ebooks engage the six inches between the readers ears!

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"if you don't engage the six inches between your readers ears...... your message missed its target'..

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