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Better Marketing Plan
You can save with the Better Marketing plan when compared to purchasing each service individually. We’ve strategically combined popular marketing and publicity services to help you build your marketing plan. With the Better Marketing plan, you can easily reach a worldwide audience through multiple media outlets.
What you get with the Better Marketing plan:
Marketing Kit (100 Pieces): You receive 100 postcards, 100 bookmarks, and 100 business cards featuring your book and ordering information.
Social Media Setup: We’ll create accounts and pages on 10 key social media sites, like Facebook and MySpace, and book-focused communities, such as Shelfari and Goodreads. When you update your blog, the information is automatically pushed to all of your pages at the same time.
Multiple Book E-mail Marketing Campaign (3 Million Recipients): Connect with potential customers through this popular marketing outlet. Our professional copywriters and designers will craft your customized e-mail message that we will then send to 3 million opted-in recipients. Your message will be included with three other authors who have similar subject material. You will be able to easily track the effectiveness of the campaign with a report that details the number of times your e-mail was opened and how many people clicked on the link in your e-mail.
Publicity Program: A professional copywriter will prepare a news release and create a list of 100 targeted media outlets based on your book's topic and the geographical locations you choose. When editors or reporters request review copies, we will provide a complimentary copy and notify you of the request.
Express Review: Fulfilled by Reader Views within 2-3 weeks, your review will be posted on multiple Web sites, including Your book information will also be included in the weekly e-mail reaching over 8,000 opted-in subscribers.
Booksellers Return Program (or 2 additional years if you already purchased this service): Encourage booksellers to stock your book by allowing them to return unsold titles
Radio-TV Interview Report Ad (Half Page/1 issue): Establish yourself  in a publication widely used by members of the media to discover intriguing guests and topics to spotlight on television and radio programs.

Radio Guest Appearances 4
30 Bookstore resellers

When you utilize your integrated plan, you position yourself for the best results within the highly competitive book marketplace. The cost for the Better Marketing plan service is $3,999.00. To find out more or to order this service, please call a marketing consultant at 952-955-6596
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Better Marketing Plan