Social Media Marketing
One of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to promote your book is fast-growing social media sites like Facebook and MySpace and book-focused communities like Shelfari and Goodreads.
Get connected to millions of potential readers
With our new Social Media Setup Service, you can quickly put your book in front of millions of potential readers through key social media sites. People who have interest in your topic or who know you can instantly be updated with news about your book or promotions. More importantly, people who may be interested in your topic, but didn’t even know your book is available, can connect with you effortlessly.
Here’s how it works

When you purchase our Social Media Setup Service, we will send you a questionnaire to get the latest about you and your book. With that information and any visuals you provide we’ll populate the following:

A blog using the wildly popular and easy-to-use WordPress platform.
A Facebook profile for your identity as an author.
A Facebook page for your book.
A MySpace page for your book.
A Flickr/Twitter/WordPress account that is integrated with your social network.
A FeedBurner account to help you deliver your blog to the masses.
A Shelfari social book account.
A Goodreads social book account.
A LibraryThing book-cataloging account.
A Twitter micro-blogging account.

Once all of the pages and sites are in place, NXTGen will send your log-in information to you, as well as easy instructions on how to update your information.
Your blog is the center piece
What makes this service especially effective is when you update your blog, that information is automatically pushed to the other social media sites. You make one entry and 10 sites get updated. $1250

How you benefit:

Content on most sites can be indexed and read by major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Live Search. This means that users will be able to find your pages when they search for information about you or your book.

This service establishes your brand and your titles in non traditional online outlets, which increases your potential viral impact. Your readers can easily know what’s going on with you and pass your message on to friends.

An opportunity to reach new customers is created. This means that you may reach an entirely different group in the online world than you would through other channels and potentially increasing your overall sales.
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NXTGen can help you with your marketing goals. The cost for this service is $899.00
Book Marketing Services
Internet Marketing Services Explained
Author & Book Website

Having your own Web site is a great way to maximize your book's exposure in the marketplace. But if you're not a technical expert, how do you develop a site that won't drain your marketing budget?  For only $199.00 and a monthly Author Web site Hosting fee of only $19.00, you can promote your book with your own customized Web site.

We can help you with your marketing goals. The cost for this service is $199.00.
Internet Marketing Services

The closest, easiest-to-use, and most effective marketplace available to authors is on the Internet. What’s more, the Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books, and online book sales are poised to surpass sales through traditional retail outlets. As a published author, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Internet as a powerful marketing and sales tool.
Google and Amazon Book Search Marketing

Internet-based book search capabilities can greatly increase your book’s marketability. As millions of people look for information online daily, it is critical that your book’s content is indexable and appears on two of the most prolific book search tools available: Google™ Book Search and Amazon® Search Inside!.™
Your book is included in search results when matched with relevant keywords.
Sample pages of your book are available for pre-purchase viewing.
1-Click™ ordering process is available once your book has been viewed.
Your content is visibly copyright protected.

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NXTGen can help you with your marketing goals. The cost for this service is $75.00
Barnes & Noble
online See Inside The Book

Internet-based book content previews can greatly increase your book’s marketability. With See Inside, Barnes and Noble customers get a limited preview of your title - just enough to sample the book, as if they were browsing in a bookstore or library. See Inside allows your books to be browsed, searched and discovered. Customers can not only navigate the pages through the navigation bar, but through the table of contents.

Viewers can also enter a search term in the search box and find pages which include their search term. With See Inside your book gets:

Better  visibility: Customers who See Inside the book are more likely to buy the book if they like what they see
A fine customer experience: See Inside provides an excellent preview experience to the customer to give them a true sense for the physical book and what they can expect if they buy your book.

Customer satisfaction: Educated consumers are better satisfied with their purchase and tend to tell others.The cost for this service is $75.00.
E-mail Marketing Services
An e-mail marketing campaign allows you to reach a massive market of book buyers quickly and efficiently. For NXTGen authors, our campaigns are designed to help you reach as many as 10 million recipients. You have the option to either promote your book individually, or through a more cost-effective co-op campaign.

Single Book E-mail Campaigns
As the sole author featured in the e-mail campaign, you can ensure your book will stand out in the book marketplace. The e-mail campaigns are listed below according to the size of the recipient list:$1250 cost
200,000 | 500,000 | 1 million | 2 million | 3 million | 5 million | 10 million

Multiple Book E-mail Campaigns
As a part of a money-saving e-mail campaign, your message will be included with three other authors. The e-mail campaigns are listed below according to the size of the recipient list