These services can greatly increase your chances of  book sellers & buyers to stock or purchase your work.

Bookstore  Distribution Essentials

Your book receives professional book selling services that make your book even more attractive to bookstores. By making your book returnable or adding preview services to your book, bookstores and other book buyers receive additional incentives to stock or purchase your book. You book will be  made available through national, regional or local distributors depending on the topic.

Book Buyers Preview -$975

As you approach bookstores and retailers to stock your book on their shelves, access to your book’s content is a key to success. The Book Buyers Preview allows book buyers, librarians and researchers across the globe to read a selection from the first chapter of your book. When book buyers access their ordering database, the preview will appear with your book’s ordering information to aid buyers in making a purchasing decision.

How does the Book Buyers Preview help promote your book?
A preview of your book is available in trade databases including in Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor, the two largest book distributors in the world.

Once libraries choose to catalog your book, your book’s preview pages will be available to library patrons searching for material.

The Book Buyers Preview will also post a preview of your book on the Barnes & Noble site BN.com as well as Buy.com.

Your book’s preview will also be on EBSCO, the leading service provider of archived print materials and related services for libraries and research organizations.

Booksellers Return Program - $1500
Encourage booksellers to stock your book by allowing them to return unsold titles. Your book will be classified as returnable in the Ingram Title Database. When you purchase the program, bookstores can order your title with the ability to return it. This program makes your book more attractive to booksellers and retailers since stocking your book isn't a risk for them.
Benefits of Booksellers Return Program
Encourages bookstores to order your book
Improves chances of scheduling book signings and appearances, especially with hometown bookstores
Allows book returns yet will not reduce author royalties

Book selling Promotional Materials
Through the use of Book selling Promotional Materials, NXTGen has established great options for you to choose from when deciding on the best promotional mix for you and your newly published book. Our materials include attractive and affordable full-color postcards,posters, in-store signs, bookmarks, and business cards featuring your book. The promotional materials are available in individual item bulk quantities or as bundle packs. The variety of order sizes helps ensure that you have enough materials on hand when it's time to promote your book.
Book Marketing Kit  100 Pieces | 300 Pieces | 400 Pieces
Book Signing Kit
Business Cards  1,000 | 2,500 | 5,000
Bookmarks  1,000 | 2,500 | 5,000
Postcards  1,000 | 2,500 | 5,000

Copyright Registration Services

As you make your work available to the public, you want to make sure you have the appropriate protection. There are two ways we can help you with that. The first is registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. Secondly, a Library of Congress Control Number lets you sell to more than 5,000 U.S. libraries. We will provide the registration for $200 plus cost of filing
When it's time to promote your book, be prepared with professional materials to hand out at book signings, include in press kits and distribute at your local library. Promotional materials include essential information about your book allowing readers to quickly access contact or ordering information.
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We will convert your book into multiple digital formats for sale on digital reader like Kindle, Nook and Gateway and others...
We will include unlimited book printing based on sales demand with any marketing plan
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Bookstore Buyers Preview Tool
Booksellers Return Program
Book selling Promotional Materials
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