For 25 years NXTGen  has been on the leading edge of publishing technology. Now MIP brings the NXTGen Coding System and NXTGen Software MZ3 with Step by step with one on one  services to publishers, authors and publishing startup companies  concerned about print to digital solutions. 

Authors, writers, publishers and content developers have many questions about digital solutions.  Which platform..iPad, Kindle, eReader, iPhone, Android... eBook, ePub, iBook, JOOJOO, WePad, Moby, Streak.... ?
The future of "reading" is changing and  crossing over from print to digital publishing on smart phones, eReaders, Kindle, iPad, Internet and how to maximize revenue streams.

Our services range from concept to completion from traditional print book to electronic eBooks for Kindle and - eReader  to  interactive iBooks . We work with from concept, editing, design, format, print, publishing, software development, marketing, sales, promotion for your book and software application. You can select from individual services or a combined publishing program that focuses on the goal and vision for your project. We are your NXtGen Team!

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maximizing content for value added revenue streams
Differentiate your digital books

How to turn the $1.99 eBook model into $24.95 iBook and use your print books to boost eBook sales.

NXTGen business model can work for you to maximize you revenue. The print book business is not dead and the ebook business is not mature. Let NXTGen bridge the strategy that creates engaged readers with media rich content from your books.

Publishers and authors have many relevant questions about today's current eBook and digital business model about where and how to maintain revenues.

Enhanced eBooks are NXTGen iBooks... they engage the reader

Ebook enhancements require increased communication and interaction between the publisher and author. Enhancements may require extra writing, reference materials, or continuing engagement with the content. This session will investigate what publishers can expect and ask of authors and how publishers should work with authors to collaboratively create enhancements.
With NXTGen as your digital solutions publishing  partner you are assured of a strategy for the future and a cross-over revenue strategy that works in today's marketplace.

NXTGen Tools provide publishing solutions that bridge print books to iBooks. Back list, current list, out of date, rare books, textbook, trade magazines, consumer publication and many other benefit from the NXTGen Software solutions
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"Print media is not dead.. the value proposition has changed... from The Future of Reading J.V. 2011