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NXTGen provides a seamless strategy to create interactive digital formats that maximizes  value-added content. NXTGen can convert you current title list, back title list and future titles.
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With NXTGen as your digital solutions publishing  partner you are assured of a strategy for the future and a cross-over revenue strategy that works in today's marketplace.

NXTGen Tools provide publishing solutions that bridge print books to iBooks. Back list, current list, out of date, rare books, textbook, trade magazines, consumer publication and many other benefit from the NXTGen Software solutions
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"if you don't engage the six inches between your readers ears.. then the message missed it's target'..
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It all starts by informing your  readers what the differences are in each format. Let them know in each format what is in the other formats, what and where additional content is located,if there are multi-media clips, narrations, discussions and other "enhanced" content in the title. The print title using NXTGen Content Coding can actually up-sell to the eBook and Ibook versions for added revenue. They are worth more because there is more content! There is distinct product differentiation and the customer is less confused.

NXTGen Content Coding creates a seamless  title strategy, product differentiation and pricing structure. The NXTGen " enhanced content reference system"  lets the reader know exactly what type and where interactive content is available.
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NXTGen helps publishers and authors compete in the digital age
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Including information aggregators, research & reference projects, and professional associations
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Create books fast and keep them updated and easy to interact for your members.  eLearning and interactive book solutions to optimizing training and staff development, data conversion solutions and publishing  innovation.
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