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Tutorial "Publisher"
Ein neues Tutorial ist verfügbar A new (so far only) German tutorial is available Der erste Entwurf eines Tutorials, das sich an die Erste..
The forum summary was updated and now includes many topics discussed until June 7th. A good source of tips and tricks and ideas what others do with ..
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Tutorials available in the wiki. We also will list tutorials presented here at this webpage, so please check the Wiki also from time to time. Click here to go to the tutorial page at the MZ3 Wiki
A quickstart page can also be found in the Forum
A draft of the first of two tutorials is available. So far the download and use of a demo package is explained. The demo package contains some sample data and the mz3_creator tools. A set of batch files that help to create and coordinate a proven structure of folders, and also support the definition of MZ3 books in a fast and easy way.
The first Tutorial  addresses those who want to create books with minimal effort. Topics discussed in this book:.   Download and use of a demo package  Suggested Folder Structure  Conversion of a PDF File into an MZZ3 Book  Books on Media (CD, DVD, Stick)  Batchpages  Search  Multi-lingual Support  and more...  The second book(planned to be available autumn 2010) will discuss topics of interest for developers, like:   Plugin concept, NXTGen MZ3 structure and concept  Access to NXTGen MZ3 Source Code  Generation of MZ3 Binaries from the source files  personalized (Preloader, Logo, internal/external Links, Background pages)  Configuration making use of ASUL Files Sidebars
How to install pdf2swf (needed for pdf2mz3)
Video: How install the helper tool pdf2swf  Tutorial about this topic
Batchpages, Chapters
Video: How to mix batchpages with manually created pages  PDF-Tutorial about this topic
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