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GPL version v1.38: Download Link (Binaries)
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Tutorial "Publisher"
Ein neues Tutorial ist verfügbar A new (so far only) German tutorial is available Der erste Entwurf eines Tutorials, das sich an die Erste..
Forum Summary Update
The forum summary was updated and now includes many topics discussed until June 7th. A good source of tips and tricks and ideas what others do with ..
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one of several examples...

VservU GmbH and NExGen are focused on Services, Sales and Solutions and based in Munich but serving our customers world wide.
Our main focus is development, sales and marketing of our PageFlip Framework NXTGen MZ3 (MZ3).
       NXTGen MZ3 software is the publishers solution for creating "real" digital books applications that are flexible, interactive and functional.
     The very natural feeling and way of operation (like flipping pages of a book) makes it easy and fun to read catalogues, newsletters, magazines, eBooks and even documentation. Try it out and click on one of the images bwlow! All our detailed documentation is realized with NXTGen MZ3 as flippable book! You also can just relax and wathc a video first; you only have to start it... Free without any restirctions in functionality for private use and education and charity organizations.
Introduction to MZ3
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Book can be done either individually page by page in adding simple commands to the configuration file, or using a development environment offered by our partners, or almost automatically out of PDF files. We plan a special tutorial just about that within the next couple of days. Together with a set of command files helping you performing that job in an instant.

NXTGen MZ3 Price List
MZ3 Price List

MZ3 License Agreement

The feature list as MZ3 book gives a good overview about the options NXTGen MZ3 offers. The Wiki is the ideal place to find all details about NXTGen MZ3. And if you have questions or problems, then participating in our forum on the techical webpage www.megazine2.de will be the best approach. Our MZ3 Book with a summary of selected posts from the forum is a big source of ideas and answers to all kind of NXTGen MZ3 related stuff.
MZ3 Book showing MZ3 Features in comparison v1.x to v2.x

NXTGen MZ3 Homepage
Platform for the advanced technical User
MegaZine3 Homepage

Please visit our Online Shop if you want to purchase a license. And if you have specific questions, please use our contact sheet.
For examples of MZ3 books realized by us and our customers, see the Example Blog Page. You can register an RSS Feed so you do not miss anything.

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