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What it is
NXTGen MZ3 iBook Software is an open source, Flash driven pageflip engine. A pageflip engine is a tool which recreates the look and feel of actual books or magazines on the screen. To the right you can see an little, fully interactive example.
A more elaborate demo is available here. It includes GUI, video, sound and more.
NXTGen MZ3 iBook Software is free for private use, without limitations. If you plan for commercial use, visit our site with commercial information.
We support common features such as liquid scaling, zoom, multiflip, sounds, video, dynamic XML based content definition, page caching, JavaScript interaction, internal links, fullscreen, thumbnails and much, much more. For detailed information, see Features.
If you run into any trouble using NXTGen MZ3 iBook Software, have a look at the extensive documentation first. Visit the forum, in case you still cannot solve the problem. We try our best to answer to all posts, and as quickly as possible.
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The current release. This contains all the files used by the engine, and an example of a one page book:
NXTGen MZ3 iBook Software 2.0.9 (zip)
Data files used in the big demo:
Demo Files
For developers, a SWC library which contains all interfaces and core classes:
SWC Library 2.0.9 (zip)
These are 7z files. Get 7-Zip if you cannot open them.
More downloads can be found here.
NXTGen MZ3 offers you some unique features, additionally to those common among other pageflip engines.
Each Pages may contain multiple elements. This way you can place several images, videos or other content in one page very easily.

More on elements.  Plugins  The true wealth of features is unlocked using plugins. To name a few: the navigationbar, deeplinking (SWFAddress), search and print. This also makes the engine easily modifyable for your own needs. More on plugins.  Completely Skinnable  All GUI components are styled using XML files. This way it is possible to change the GUI completely, without touching any code at all, for example to create custom skins.
More on the used framework.  Localization (i18n)  Deeply integrated support for localized books. The language can be changed any time, and only changed elements will be reloaded. All element properties (e.g. image sizes or path) can be bound to a language.
More on localization.
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