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Digital book with companion print formats..... one on one & step by step
Is your manuscript ready  for edit or publishing into book  or eBook format? If you don't have a complete manuscript  or perhaps you have a story you wish written...we can help you write, edit, design, print, ship, promote and get your book in buyers. We created our publishing packages to align with your goals and make your dream a reality. Just call or email today. Select the publishing package that best suits your goals.
Two Book Publishing Options
Smarter Pub Plan
Your Way Pub Plan

3 easy steps
Select  a book format...
Upload your files....
Tell us how many to print....

Thats it....!
The Smarter Publishing Plan
A Shared Plan
include all required book printing, Pay for books after they are sold, consulting, sales and marketing, distribution, digital interactive book creation, POP/POS, imprint ISBN
NXTGen Interactive is - A Different Kind of Self-Publishing.  We are the Next Generation of Self Publishing Company. We are all the book and the author and our  hybrid approach to assist authors with the tools and know how to be successful.

NXTgen author based services help to "coach-guide- and partner with your project. We are an author -based press with a hybrid publishing model, closing the gap between self-publishing and traditional royalty publishing.

We don't ask you to purchase things you don't need, don't work or have no meaning or purpose to being successful with publishing your book.! We design a custom book publishing plan to serve the unique needs of each author. Our expertise and one-on-one support get your book published quickly and into major distribution channels:  Baker & Taylor,Ingram ,, Barnes and, and other appropriate channels.

after publishing we share and enjoy a continuing relationship

You are not a number or  just a website text visit. We get to know every author, so we can help you meet your personal publishing goals

You will work with a publisher, NOT  a printer. That means quality before quantity, and your book is published with a company that only works with authors

You get marketing services and coaching throughout the entire publishing process. It means we will work as if we are your book partner.. In fact56 we want to be your partner.

Each book gets a professional and creative customized design publishing plan not a one size fits all form to complete online and definately no  cookie cutter templates!