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Financial and Corporate Reports
Make it easier for your share holders to read your reports in the way they are used to: as a book with two adjacent pages!
istoric Map Works' Rare Book Library
Books of every kind
Libraries, historic books collections, normal books: all can be plublished easily with unlimited munmer of pages.
Online or on CD/DVD/Memory Stick/local PC.
International Air Charter Brochure, realized by Mpjdesign Ltd
Company Brochures
Have a look how more pleasant it is to browse in company brochures this natural way! Not talking about the additional options of a digital version like integration of videos (word of the CEO) and animations.
PSD-Tutorials publushes a monthly megazine with interesting articels, tests and tips
Online megazines take profit out of features like bookmarks, search, URL-links, email-forms ...
And are so easy to use that every user knows how to use them within seconds.
Catalog of  eg-electronic, realized by Timeline eBusiness
Catalogs can be easily converted from PDF files. And even dynamically created out of a database into an interactive, flippable version. This electronic version can be viewed with a browser or started from CD/DVD/memory stick.
Mor Multimedia Brochures...
Do you plan to make use of all the fancy possibilities available today?
Integrate those in a multimedia book and your users will love it!
Serbian newspaper, published by Politika Newspapers and Magazines (PNM)
Newspapers and Newsletters
The special MZ3-PER license for Periodicals comes in 3 sizes: as PER-D for newspapers, PER-W for weekly papers or PER-M for monthly magazines.
Very economical anyhow and on top - a FREE ARCHIVE!
Please see the use case discussions also!
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