Cookbooks sell.. we can even get into 24 languages in a eBook... 
How to Create a Scratch N Sniff Cookbook

Do you want National Distribution or just a few cookbooks for friends or your restaurant.. either way we can help make your project a special one.

1 Supply your recipes, pictures and family tidbits to create a totally custom book or have us write it for you around your recipes.

You can add food trivia and Scratch N Sniff to the pages to make it smell like hundreds of foods and ingredients!

We will work with you step by step every inch of the way. We are not a fast-food book mill.

Step by step instructions- 2 steps- that's it....

1)     Decide how many recipes and how many pages and how many copies you want You can purchase 100 copy or 10000 copies or anything in between.

2)     Submit your recipes, pictures, stories - we'll do the rest.
You can use the online submission form or send them as a file.

That's it................

Now that you know how simple it is, click here to get started!

*  64 page book-does not include marketing , sales, publicity or aromatic testing includes basic scents on 10 pages.

Publish your cookbook.
from concept, writing, editing, images, printing, publishing to sales and distribution.

Scratch N Sniff  Cookbooks
Create an Authentic Cook book with pages that smell like the real thing. Cook books make great fundraiser books.
Publish your own Scratch N Sniff Book starting at $2795*