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Red Bag
Financial and Corporate Reports
Make it easier for your share holders to read your reports in the way they are used to: as a book with two adjacent pages!
istoric Map Works' Rare Book Library
Books of every kind
Libraries, historic books collections, normal books: all can be published easily with unlimited  pages.Online or on CD/DVD/Memory Stick/local PC.
International Air Charter Brochure, realized by Mpjdesign Ltd
Company Brochures
Have a look how more pleasant it is to browse in company brochures this natural way! Not talking about the additional options of a digital version like integration of videos (word of the CEO) and animations.
PSD-Tutorials publushes a monthly megazine with interesting articels, tests and tips
Catalog of  eg-electronic, realized by Timeline eBusiness
Catalogs can be easily converted from PDF files. And even dynamically created out of a database into an interactive, flippable version. This electronic version can be viewed with a browser or started from CD/DVD/memory stick.
Mor Multimedia Brochures...
Integrate in a multimedia interactive book and your users will love it!
Serbian newspaper, published by Politika Newspapers and Magazines (PNM)
Newspapers and Newsletters
Please see the use case discussions also!
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Take your book or magazine to  the NEXT Level of digital publishing.
The NXTGen  interactive reading experience are great for new titles, back list, OOP, rare books, textbook, trade magazines, textbooks and DIY books.
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