Ghost writing for books, memoirs and newsletters: From* $40 per double-spaced page.

Screen writing: From* $50 per minute or screenplay page.

Speech writing: From* $50 per minute or double-spaced page.

Rewriting an existing manuscript: From* $30 per double-spaced page.

Basic Editing: From* $10 per double-spaced page.

Advanced Editing for wording and clarity From * 20 per double spaced page


*These are basic prices, however added charges will apply if the client requires high-priority project completion, editing outside the usual parameters or developmental assistance.

Turnaround time: Ten to thirty days on most projects, three to six months on book and screenplay projects. RAPID TURNAROUND IS AVAILABLE.

Research: Clients must provide detailed notes, a detailed outline, or an audio recording. We can aid in the creation of these materials. (Watch our video!)

Editorial review: Client may request one free round of changes on the spelling, grammar, word choice, and punctuation of the completed work.
When examining client notes, the question of how to write a book is at the forefront of our minds. We look for the strongest narrative thread to connect the dots and engage the reader, and decide which tone is best to connect the threads.

Should the story be told in order A to Z, in perfect chronology or should it zig and zag through time, and give us a less conventional perspective? Should it move quickly, so that readers are  turning the pages? Should the approach be relaxed to inspire reflection from the reader? These are but a few questions that may underscore the core question of how to write a book

Here are a few reasons you  may want a ghost writer.

1) You've generated exciting original idea, concept or material, but you lack the writing experience to develop the story it in a professional manner.

2) You've have exciting original material, but lack the TIME to execute it in a professional manner.

3) You prefer have a writing coach to assist bring clarity and focus to your message and you'd like an additional voice to provide expertise on the wording and structure.

4) You feel confident in your own creative abilities, but you deem it practical for your project to benefit from professional experience and knowledge.

The majority of our clients  relate to one or more of the above scenarios. That's why their decision to hire a ghostwriter comes about. When we initially speaking with you, we will explore the specifics of your scenario, and explain how we can assist you in reaching your goals.
Ghost Writing
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