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Writing & Editing Services
A Professional editor can help to improve the message in the book
Advanced  Sr. Editing and Clarity Edits
Some manuscripts simply require more work than others. When heavy copy editing is required, an editor will check the manuscript for more pervasive errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Our editors are experts in their fields. The editor will also address syntax and word choice and make light recommendations for improving the overall readability of the work. Our. editors are experienced

Professional editing helps your book’s marketability. We can generally complete this service in two to three weeks depending on our work queue and the complexity of your work
Core editing services are important in order to focus on improving the nuts and bolts of a book: grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

Basic Line Editing

An editorial specialist will not only check your manuscript for more pervasive errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also will make suggestions regarding sentence structure and word choice.

Message Content Editing

The Content Editing service provides extensive restructuring for manuscripts that need more attention than Line Editing provides.In addition to performing the functions of a line edit, a content editor will work to ensure the general accuracy and consistency of content and focus on more extensive restructuring of sentences. For fiction titles, the editor will focus on maintaining consistency of details in the plot, characters and setting. For nonfiction titles, the editor will monitor consistency of information and ideas.

Advanced Editing Plus

This service is ideal for manuscripts that need more work on sentence structure and grammar than basic Content Editing can provide.

Book Proposals
A book proposal is a thumbnail sketch of a non-fiction manuscript written in a way that is designed to attract an agent and/or a publisher. The book proposal is an important promotional tool, one that not only tells what the book is about but also why this is the book everyone has been dying to read. Since you can write a book proposal without having completed the manuscript, book proposals also offer shortcuts in “testing the waters” to see if there is interest out there for your idea and can be very helpful in organizing a book. We both write book proposals for clients and “spruce up” already written book proposals (sometimes it’s difficult to brag about your own creation).

Because the nature of what we do varies dramatically from job to job, we will probably have to talk to you about your project before we can give you an estimated price.
Chost writing combines the story you want told with a skilled writer and the book is on your name complete write your story. One on One hands on to develop your story from interviews with you. This is a very intense process. Cost depending on story type and size. Ideal for autobiographies and self help books..
Don't leave editing to your friend the english teacher!
Do you need editing services?

Answer these six questions to see what editing services can do for you.

1. Have you used the best structure to support your message?

2. Are your verbs compelling?

3. Have you cut every unnecessary word?

4. Do your grammar, spelling and punctuation disappear into the background leaving the focus on your ideas?

5. Is your style consistent?

6. Has a second set of  professional editing eyes read your book and agreed with the answers to questions 1-5?

Hold yourself in check and get the help you need before you go to print. What do you need to make your book the best it can be? Each project needs its own unique combination of editing services.

Do you need substantive editing for critique of the overall structure of your book ?

line editing to make your writing consistent, smooth, and compelling?

copy editing to correct the grammar, spelling and punctuation?

information on the self-publishing process?

Basic Editing
Content Editing
Advanced Editing
Development Editing
Style development
Book Doctor
Writing a book is an intense, personal undertaking, fraught with self-doubt. You may find yourself wondering whether your characters are as interesting to others as they are to you, whether your prose flows smoothly, whether your plot works, or whether you are getting your message out. Since a book is a big investment of time and emotion, it is well worth getting a second opinion.

That's where we comes in. We get excited about works-in-progress and love the adventure of figuring out how to make them better. Our manuscript editing services are fast, efficient, affordable, and highly professional. We care about your project. (As published authors, we know what it's like to take a book from conception to publication.)

Developmental Editing
We read the manuscript through, taking notes as we go along. We concentrate on things like plot, suspense-building, and character development in novels - and pace, attention-holding, and clarity in non-fiction. We call this book doctoring.

Then we write a very detailed critique of what works, what doesn't work, what we feel could be done to fix things, and what other little touches we might suggest to make what's good even better.

Sometimes manuscripts need specialized attention that goes beyond detail work in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Our experienced editors take an in-depth look at your book's content and make high-level stylistic considerations, including content, plot, and pace.

Manuscript Editing
We smooth out sentences and remove repetitions to make the product better. We often demonstrate techniques - how to make dialogue less formal, for example, or how cutting out excessive words speeds up the pace of the narrative. We are not professional proof readers. At the same time, however, we feel compelled to fix any grammatical or punctuation errors we spot.

Ghost writing
Here, we write the manuscript ourselves. Ghost writing is writing, however, not inventing. In order to ghost write, we need clients to give us - preferably in written form - all the information they can. We go back and forth (via e mail) with questions and answers until the client has provided enough information for us to shape the story in an interesting way, and to do so in the client's "voice" - i.e. so the narrative sounds like the client.

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